Building “Bloks” to a New Type of Smartphone Altogether

ETC. Magazine

[ By Nafisa Shamim ]

Dave Hekkens put his YouTube video Phonebloks up in September 2013, hoping to garner enough views and support by the following month to snag the attentions of major smartphone companies and tech businesses around the world.

Fast forward a year and a few months, and now, Project Ara, a developmental project under the helm of Google, is spearheading what Hekkens’ had envisioned, with the pilot product hopefully to launch some time in 2015.

But why is this significant?

The “Phonebloks” video, typical of revolutionary ideas and concepts in the Internet-age, took cyber-space by storm. Soon it became viral, currently recording up to over 21 million views on YouTube, and hitting the headlines of many prominent newspapers and blogs, including TIME magazine and The Verge.

[Image credit: Wikipedia] [Image credit: Wikipedia]

The idea was simple enough – instead of having to throw away our smartphones just because one part…

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