4 ways BlackBerry can be unique on Android


blackberry boldEnrique Dans

The case that BlackBerry should give up development of its own platform and switch to using Android is one that never seems to lie down. One of the pioneers of the mobile phone industry, BlackBerry followed in the footsteps of the others – Nokia and Motorola – who helped shape the industry but unlike its peers, BlackBerry refuses to go down without a fight.

Ever since the Apple iPhone came out, BlackBerry has dropped from grace as it failed to provide a touchscreen OS that could actually compete with Apple’s best. Since the launch of its BlackBerry 10 OS in January 2013, BlackBerry has been playing catch up and have turned to both the Amazon Appstore and Google Play Store to sway the perceived app gap.

Despite these moves, many people ? myself included ? still thought the company should move to Android and despite previously denying any of…

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