7 Of The 7th Day Of The Month Of Ramadan Facebook Accounts To Follow


This year’s fasting is actually on Social media, especially on Facebook. So many Ramadan activities ranging from Qur’an recitation challenge, Hijab challenge to the Hadith challenge and moral preaching. Some say, these people who are involved in these activities are Ramadan Muslims, and that after Ramadan, they will care no more. But you know what, I say, this show how power the human mind is, it show how we can decide and actually put it into action. Some of these people are people who even do Islamic activities on Social media before Ramadan, it’s just a continuation of what they are already known for.

I promised to keep monitoring so that I can bring you people worth following, so that together we can learn, learn something new or improve on what we already know. Part-take in activities that will cleanse our hearts and make us the best of Allah’s creation.

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