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If you’ve wondered where Hugh has been for the last week, well here’s the story.

Hugh's Workspace Blog HopLast week we moved house, here in Wales.  The move itself went very well, but what did not go as planned was for British Telecom (BT) to move our home phone line and broadband.

Despite informing BT of the move three weeks before moving and informing them we were moving into a ‘new build’, they didn’t seem to check that we could get connected at the new house until two days before we were moving in.

They took twelve months landline rental from us and encouraged me to sign a new 12 month contract with them to avoid a £135 connection fee at the new house.  One week later and we are still without a phone line that works, meaning no wi-fi or broadband.

I’ve spent countless hours on my mobile phone to them, mainly…

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