Combo Apps/New Mobile Lenses from DCkina

COMBO APPS: Mobile Extreme Editing

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I wanted to introduce some new threaded 13.2mm mobile lenses from DCkina. These lenses are a serious game changer for mobile lenses because they are all 3 glass element lenses. Which in my opinion has improved mobile photo quality. They are heavier mobile lenses with extra glass compared to other mobile lens. I was really impressed with these lenses and the photo quality.

Original Photo

This will be the photo demo for the lenses except for the macro shot.

DCkina 3x Telephoto Theaded Mobile Lens (13.2mm)

I’m going to start with the heaviest mobile lens, the 3x telephoto. This lens is a beast and very well constructed. There is nothing plastic, except the two lens caps you get with this lens. The housing is all aluminum with 3 glass and 2 group setting with this lens. This is a heavy lens compare to other mobile lenses I’ve used in the past.

3X Telephoto Demo

This is a photo I shot with the…

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