Firefox Tools Adapter enables Developer Tools for Chrome and Safari

Jayakumar Sadhasivam

Most developers have preferences when it comes to Developer Tools. Some swear on the ones built-in Chrome, others prefer Firefox’s or add-ons such as Firebug.

The problem here is that these tools are limited to a single browser. If you have to switch to another, for instance to test how services and sites look in that browser natively, then you switch to that browser and use the tools provided by that browser or in that environment for the time being.

Firefox Tools Adapter is a new browser add-on for Firefox that enables developers to connect browsers, at the current time Chrome for desktop and mobile as well as Safari on iOS, to Firefox’s Developer Tools so that they can be used instead of the native tools provided.

The extension is available as an early alpha version. This means that it will have bugs and that it is limited in terms…

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