GitHub’s Atom Text Editor Hits 1.0, Now Has Over 350,000 Monthly Active Users


GitHub’s highly extensible Atom text editor hit 1.0 today. The editor release has only been available to the public for about a year now, but it has already been downloaded over 1.3 million times and currently sees about 350,000 active users. Over the course of the last year, the Atom team pushed out 155 releases and added a plethora of features.

What’s maybe even more important, though, is that the editor’s user community has now published over 2090 Atom extensions and 660 themes.

The Atom project was started by GitHub founder Chris Wanstrath back in 2008. It was still called Atomicity back then and the idea was to use common web technologies to build an extensible code editor. As GitHub took off, though, Wanstrath set the project aside until 2011. It still took until 2014 before GitHub released Atom to the public.

pasted image 0 (1)

As is typically the case, the…

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