How To Get A 2015 Smartphone From Your Parents



“Why do you need an IPhone 6,” your parent will ask. “What’s wrong with your Nokia Asha 200?”

I have come to a not so shocking conclusion that parents might never understand why we crave better and more powerful smartphones. Let’s see what they use their phones for; calls, a bit of texting and lately Whatsapp, Facebook and email. That is basically it.

And because they use their phones for this, they imagine that’s exactly what one would need a phone for.

Therefore when you ask for a newer more powerful phone, they obliviously out reason you and you eventually don’t get it.

But for us a phone is more than just calls, a bit of texting and Whatsapp, Facebook and email. A phone is for all the above and twitter, Instagram, good camera (8 pixels and above), enough storage space (16GB and above) for videos and music, big screen…

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