IgnitionDeck Acquires GIG, To Enable Indie Crowdfunding For Indie Musicians

crowdUNIQUE With BitNews

WordPress crowdfunding leader adds another fee-free tool to its portfolio

IgnitionDeck, Inc., a provider of WordPress-based e-commerce solutions, has acquired the popular GIG theme for musicians and bands. GIG joins Fundify, CrowdPress, and the IgnitionDeck products in the company’s line of popular offerings for fee-free crowdfunding on WordPress.

GIG empowers bands and musicians to create elegant, mobile-responsive websites where they can list upcoming performances, publish recordings and videos, run their blogs, and crowdfund creative efforts without paying the typical 4% to 9% commissions levied by crowdfunding hosts. GIG is an indie tool for independent musicians who want a beautiful web presence that they own and control, who would rather keep all the money that they raise, and don’t want a middleman between them and their fans and supporters.

Explains Jonathan Atkinson, designer of GIG and founder of the WordPress design studio Cr3ativ, “GIG was one of the first themes…

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