Interactive Cooking at the Samsung LA Studio

“Simplicity is a sign of perfection. Thanks for cooking with me” Those were the words that personable Chef Marcel Vigneron (Top Chef) wrote in my customized cookbook thanks to Samsung putting together this little momento for each guest, featuring the recipes we all helped make.

Chef marcel Top Chef Variety Style Editor Jasmin Rosemberg with LaLaScoop writer Melissa Curtin learning about the Top Chef’s cooking passions.

I was so excited to finally be able to check out the new Samsung Studio on Fairfax, right across from the Grove. An interactive cooking evening was not what I had in mind when I thought Samsung, but this night amped my idea of an enjoyable evening. Bill and Giuliana Rancic served us our first course along with Giuliana’s wine-to-go with the peelable lid called XO, G WineChef Marcel treated guests to cooking tips while demonstrating what to do with each course, all while seeing the latest…

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