Microsoft Adds MDM Capabilities to Outlook for iOS and Android

The Technology Beacon

Users of the Microsoft Outlook client for Android and iOS devices now have access to new mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) features.

The Outlook improvements, which Microsoft rolled out on Thursday, are part of Microsoft’s broad mobile push. The company has been leveraging the container technologies of OS platforms, including Android, iOS and Windows, to add various management capabilities to its applications. These management capabilities come from an Intune software development kit (SDK), which gets built into the applications, according to past Microsoft descriptions. The management capabilities can vary, depending on what’s permitted by the OS platform.

Now, though, Microsoft’s Outlook clients have Android and iOS mobile management capabilities. Previously they didn’t.

“Previously, Outlook did not support the MDM capabilities in Office 365 or MAM and CA [conditional access] with Intune,” a Microsoft spokesperson clarified via e-mail. “The announcement today is that it now supports both.”

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