My review of the new Canon 50mm f1.8 STM

Images From a Random Mind

Everything that’s old is new again.

Ok,  a bit of background first.  When I was using Nikon, the 50mm f1.8 was probably my favorite lens. Even though it was a bit too tight on crop, working at an effective 75mm focal length, it always gave me beautiful, sharp images with a nice overall look, and the f1.8 aperture allowed for low light shooting as well as some shallow depth of field. And that lens was fairly cheap as well, what a stellar performer!

Then I moved to Canon and I was quite pleased to notice that Canon’s own 50mm f1.8 was even cheaper than Nikon’s! Holy guacamole! Instant buy! I was able to get it along with my 6D for just 60$ on top of the camera’s price, how could I ever resist it? That small, tiny, cheap lens would have allowed me to enjoy my new camera for next to no…

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