Promoting Brands on Social Media, Some Observations


Most people are now on some type of social media (read: the internet), so naturally most businesses have followed them. Some lessons learned promoting businesses:

Why are you doing this?

There’s a coffee shop about a mile from my house. It hasn’t changed much over the last 80 years. It’s popular and well known throughout the town. Its coffee and chocolate milkshakes are good. Its Twitter account sucks.

Having supported itself for so long with local customers, and with no indication of a desire to expand, there is no reason it needs to be tweeting.

Like a lot of other companies though, it mistook social media as just another advertising platform, and a free one at that. That’s a bad way to be effective in the social media game because it quickly becomes evident that all you are doing is repeating, Coffee here. Buy it.

You can get away with

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