Stupid Smartphones


Smartphones are the master weavers of insomnia.

I write this at 1am, convinced that on this clear night I have just heard a cow moo loudly. So as a smartphone user this means delaying sleep further to search the Internet for evidence that cows would be awake at this time. (Like the time I saw a chicken sneeze and had to google that to prove to my husband that I wasn’t winding him up. My cookies will be collecting this data and advertising farm feed on my Facebook page, no doubt).

Then, of course, I will draft a blog about my nocturnal smartphone addiction onto my smartphone writing app. Because sleep is only really there to regenerate cells, order thoughts and to stay healthy. It really is a lower priority option. *relegates ‘sleep’ on smartphone To Do list*

But a few weeks ago my addiction was interrupted. I went cold…

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