What Does The Future Hold? More Service! – Neal Dixit

Tulane VISTA Blog

About a month ago, I was discussing the new technology of self-driving cars with my VISTA supervisor over lunch. Although it will surely make millions of jobs unnecessary (e.g. taxi drivers, truck drivers), I am a big proponent of this automation, as it will create billions of dollars of economic value. The notion of a new era of automation and high efficiency technology got me thinking what this would mean for the future of service. I could only conclude one thing: more service!

Advancing technology does three major things for us, which will all contribute to allowing us to participate in more service. More automation will mean less time operating machines and more free time for service. Further, newer technology will create economic value, therein wealth, which will allow us to work less to satisfy the same needs. This in turn will mitigate the disincentive to provide voluntary work. Finally, in the future…

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