Android Widgets in the Enterprise

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Written by:  Andrew Frolkin

Android Secure Workspace (SWS) for BlackBerry Enterprise Service enables Android devices to be managed by BES12 with enhanced security for enterprise applications. SWS separates your Android device into two perimeters, the personal and work spaces. In addition to the secure enterprise applications included in secure workspace, administrators can easily wrap and deploy internal apps onto the secure workspace.

Developing applications specifically for the workspace requires little to no custom development and the traditional Android features you are used to are Integrated into SWS.

We’ll be looking at a sample application that demonstrates this integration. We’ll go through the process of developing a simple home screen widget with no launchable activity. Clicking on the widget will trigger the work email application to open a new compose window.

Secure workspace supports Android app widgets in exactly the way you expect app widgets to work in the personal perimeter…

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