Augmented Reality – The next big thing!!



Reality isn’t what it use to be. Augmented reality (AR) is a mediated reality, where the view of reality is modified by a computer which enhances our perception of reality.Long a staple of science fiction, it’s trickling into the real world through the iPhone and similar ultra-smart mobile phones. AR brings an image, product label or even shop window to life. The transition to touch and gesture interfaces doesn’t mean that the old modes of human-computer interaction go away. Just as TV didn’t replace radio, augmented reality won’t obliterate previous interfaces. The keyboard might still be the best interface for writing a book.

As shoppers turn to blend of online, mobile and brick-and-mortar shopping for their convenience, brands are adopting AR technology to capture customer attention and increase performance of ads and sales. They view it as an ideal way of delivering persuasive messages to the audience. AR injects a playful…

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