“Ctrl – U” I Love U: View Source as a powerful study method

River of Information

I had the pleasure of spending some time in conversation with two of my friends that are each following different paths in IT. The first is an experienced tech consultant and programmer, and has touched on software engineering for a major audio recording product, web development for a Veteran’s Affairs site, and as a tool builder for a company that makes semi-conductors. No slouch! The other guy is just getting his start in tech support, but his knowledge of Unix and programming micro-controllers is giving him a strong jumping off point to work in embedded systems. With the more experienced fellow, we discussed JavaScript and viewing source of .js files from major sites (think of CNN, NPR, you name it), and production code that ships with development products like Twitter Bootstrap. I’ve been viewing source on sites as a general practice when browsing the web for about 18 months now…

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