Get started with Juce and Introjucer


For those unfamiliar with it, Juce is an encompassing, open-source and cross-platform framework for the c++ programming language. It provides a wide array of general purpose tools as well as integral components for use with apps that rely heavily on graphic and sound.

Lots of people, including myself, find c++ a bit unwieldy, let alone c++ frameworks like Juce. Adding to that, tutorials for absolute beginners are a bit slim since emphasis is usually placed on learning the ins and outs of c++ first.

I’d like to go the opposite route and make some Juce tutorials that hopefully will help others (myself too) to better learn c++ while getting familiar with Juce awesomeness. 🙂

Going with that, here’s a simple “getting started” video:

The details

Juce comes with an IDE of its own called Introjucer. It lets you easily build GUIs using a basic set of Juce components. Utilizing GUI components takes just a bit of code…

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