Gift to Developers–Love, Microsoft

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Tired of Visual Studio Express editions? Want to contribute to the fastest growing Open Source community? Want the best tool(s) and plugin support?

Enter Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition

VS 2013 Community Edition(VS2013CE) is equivalent to Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Professional edition but is optimized for open source contributors and smaller teams and individuals.

It contains an awesome Git support out of the box. Universe’s best editor, debugger and profiler that VS is known for, best tooling support for C# and VB.NET, C++, Python and HTML/CSS/JS(Don’t forget to include Mads Kristensen’s Web Essentials and SideWaffle), support for ASP.NET, Azure and Node.js and for the first time for Apache Cordova and Unity for building cross mobile Apps.

So my dear Microsoft developers… stop complaining you can’t afford Visual Studio – and start coding.

There is a lot left to do in the Open Source world… lets go show the Loonix…

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