iPadpalooza 2015: Close Reading for Super Villains

Intelligent Hoodlums

Webs - @weberswords-2Webs and The Chocolate Teacher are available to engage YOUR school in professional development in a unique, dynamic, effective, and memorable way. Contact us at theintelligenthoodlums at gmail.com for more information.


  • Feedback Survey: https://webs.typeform.com/to/bbSqBt
  • Super Villain Name: http://www.runthemLPs.com/JPMUrecruit
  • Bookmark & Brochure: http://www.runthemLPs.com/JPMUbookmark
    If you enter 0.00 as the price, no credit card info is needed. This is true for all of our free resources on Gumroad.
  • How to Read a Paragraph by Paul & Elder: http://www.amazon.com/The-Thinkers-Guide-Read-Paragraph/dp/0944583210
  • Padlet Responses: http://www.runthemLPs.com/padletisevil


  • Reminders for Explicating (or analyzing or evaluating)
    Photo Jun 25, 5 09 56 PM
    Photo Jun 25, 5 10 02 PM

If there are other examples or more info you’d like to see, please comment or contact us.

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