LG 8K resolution screen is coming to desktops near you


LG’s goal is to top off Apple’s advance iMac with a 5K resolution. Since 99% of video content are still HD (1080P) resolution, it’s always puzzling why these companies bother with screen resolution more than 2K.

The selling point for companies like LG is that bigger is better. It’s true, consumers look at the high number as basis of their purchasing decision.

8K of course is by far superior against 1080, 2K, 4K, 5K and 6K. Here’s a quick comparison of the resolution so you really understand the difference.

If you look closely at this photograph, you can see that the extreme close photo of the woman’s eyes maintain its resolution in 8K. But who watches videos or photos this close?

LG 8K Screen Test Review

Well if you’re a professional video and photo editor, then it’s likely you’ll need the 8K screen resolution. As long as you’re working with content at 8K resolution as well. Because…

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