Live Unity Audio Tutorial

Audio VR Research

Key notes made from a live session in 27 April 2015. In the Beginner live training archive.

Full video here:

3D vs 2D Audio

3D – Attenuates sound from distance.

2D – Same level regardless of distance (full volume) – E.g. Menu HUD.

Clip, Sources & Listeners

Clip – The actual audio.

Source – Where the audio is held.

Listener – Your ears in the game. There are no parameters, it just listens.

Adding first person controller:

Go to ‘Assets’ -> Import Assets -> Characters -> Deselect Third Person Controllers -> Click ‘Import’ -> In project folders -> Standard Assets -> Characters ->FirstPersonCharacter -> Prefabs -> Drag FPSController or RigidBodyFPSController prefab into Scene -> Disable or delete main camera.

Located Doppler rolloff value.

In 3D Settings. Tested doppler effect by putting doppler value to maximum (5) and walking around the space. Good left & right but no binaural element. Can’t…

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