Making apps.


Making apps using PC is now a really a great side of programing. People do a lot apps making than they ever done, they are making c++ programs too beside of apps making . But one  thing for sure you can’t develop android apps using your mobile or android version.
So now the point is, there’s some very few program had realesed that supports making apps of android , a list of these programes are given below with some description.

Third party android development tools:
Android APIMiner is a platform that automatically instruments the Javadoc documentation
of the Android API with examples of usage, extracted from real open-source Android
applications. To improve the quality of the extracted examples, APIMiner relies on an
intra-procedural static slicing algorithm.
AndroWish is an on-device Tcl/Tk interpreter which provides multi-windows GUI and give
access to Bluetooth, USB, network sockets, text-to-speech, speech recognition, sensor,

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