Meteor Launches Paid Developer Support Subscriptions For Its JavaScript App Platform


The Y Combinator-incubated Meteor JavaScript application platform today announced that it has acquired Percolate Studio, a design and engineering shop with a lot of experience in building and supporting Meteor-based applications. Meteor is going to use Percolate’s expertise for its commercial developer support subscription, which is also launching today.

This is Meteor’s second acquisition. The company bought FathomDB last October.

“With Meteor’s adoption and deployment accelerating, and JavaScript being embraced as the standard for web and mobile apps, we want to be able to deliver commercial-grade support that matches the development experience we are known for,” explained Geoff Schmidt, Meteor’s CEO, in today’s announcement.

The developer subscription is the company’s first paid service — though launching a support business is obviously a very typical play for any open-source product like Meteor.

The new support offering will give developers access to technical support while building their apps, proactive alerts about…

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