Smart Smartphone Case -Nexpaq


Nexpaq on KickstarterHave you thought of being able to switch media between iPhones and Android? Have you thought of a phone case that does more than just covering the phone? Imagine having extra battery and extra camera built right into a phone case. Yes! Now it’s possible with nexpaq. This new tech will blow your mind!!It is the first truly modular smartphone case.

What is nexpaq?

nexpaq allows you to easily customize, enhance, and add features to your smartphone through the case. To put it simply: You can add and remove physical “modules” (think Lego bricks with special powers) directly from the back of your case without powering down!It’s time to allow your phone to do things it was really made for. Unlimited potential all in the palm of your hand.

Each nexpaq case has built-in batterypower to boot (1000 mAh). This provides your smartphone with a significant amount…

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