Tips to Increase the Battery Life in Android Smart phones!

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Bigger phones and bigger batteries but less endurance, this is the common complaint of every Android Smartphone owner. Nothing can be done about the battery at our level but yes we can make some smart and simple efforts to elevate the battery life and make it more live.  We have a huge list on smart and simple tricks, go through them once and you will know the ideas of saving your battery life.


  1. Background: For phones that have AMOLED screens, using a darker or black coloured background will save a lot of battery life. AMOLED screens only illuminate the coloured pixels, so darker the background better the battery life.
  2. Apps darker: Using a darker background for your apps will eat less energy and prolong the battery life.
  3. Auto brightness: Set up the low brightness level as comfortable to you. Auto brightness is actually very bright and the energy it needs…

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