Using Swift Extensions and Generics to make multipend function for Arrays

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Simple multipend function extension to Swift arrays (also showing generics in action)

Been procrastinating on blogging again, but I’m gonna try and crank out a post every day for the next week. Just a small goal for myself.

Tomorrow, well actually today since it’s 3:50 am, is going to get crazy. It’s the TIY Hackathon. 48 hours to crank out a product, beer and food on Friday as a starting ceremony, and off to the races. That was definitely a high pressure environment, and I can’t wait to go through the gauntlet again as a TA. This time, I’ll be on the helping end, so less pressure, but I’m still going to have my challenges with the spontaneous errors that are sure to occur. Anyways, more on that later.

So what we have here is that simple function that I wanted that could simply add multiple items to an array…

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