Is Xerox looking to muscle in on the NFC-enabled ticketing & payment market?

Contactless Intelligence

Seamless Infographic Click to enlarge

A piece has come to light in the The Engineer that documents the work that the International Public Sector group at Xerox is doing in the field of NFC transport ticketing/payment solutions. Known as Xerox Seamless, the system will consist of NFC tags installed on transport networks, on which users with the aid of their NFC-enabled mobile phone will tag in and out. Encrypted transaction data will be communicated to the Seamless app – which users will need to have downloaded – then sent to the Xerox servers once the smartphone is connected to the internet.

Géraldine Lievre, chief technology officer, International Public Sector at Xerox has told the Engineer that, “Xerox is currently working on the second generation of tags, but was unable to share further details at this stage. Seamless is still in the early stages of development, but will undergo its first trial in…

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