Silverlight Windows App Certification Kit and Me :)

Object Reference Hell

So I always start these kind of rants by saying .NET is still awesome and I think Microsoft still has a chance to catch up to IOS on some level in the tablet industry yada yada yada. But today, I say “Microsoft I HATE you!”. Why you might ask, because one of my biggest pet peeves in writing code is knowing what your audience is and what type of information to provide during an exception or catastrophic failure.

If you are writing something for non tech savvy people, log the error (notice I still say LOG IT MICROSOFT) and show some happy kumbaya around the campfire type of message to the user. This way either it can be sent to the proper software company to be analyzed and patched accordingly or to the users IT department to fix. Either way, there is a reference to the issue.

Now, on the…

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