Mobile networks 2G,3G,4G in India


Asia has the most mobile subscribers compared to other continents.China and India are the two major reasons.Other factors are over population & cheap handsets.

On focussing India 2G was widely used by the country since 2008 eventhough the development started from GPRS,EDGE etc.

Around 2012 3G/WCDMA Spectrum launched at mammoth price.That is mainly due to  most of the mobile manufacturers are offering 3G enabled mobile phones at hefty price tag.

But frankly speaking at 2012 4G is parallelly deployed in most of other countries as a beta testing.But due to Indian norms and pressure from major handset manufacturers DoT launched 3G services in India.

From 2014 4G/LTE services are rolled out by Airtel in India.Currently in May 2015 4G prices are reduced equally to 3G plans.

Already people are struggling to recharge for their 3G services which gives a sufficient speed to the user mainly for streaming videos and downloads.


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