Overlay your home design in Google Maps

Metricon Fortitude 32


Right now our block isn’t subdivided, so it’s just a block of dirt. After recent rain, it actually resembles a small lake, but I had an idea.. wouldn’t it be great if I could walk around the block and looking at my phone, get a real understanding of where the rooms of the house would be.

This would also provide a great insight into the views from key areas, like the front windows, the alfresco etc. Of course these views will eventually be obscured by other houses and fences, but it’s a good starting point.

Google allows you to create layers on top of Google Maps, so you can achieve exactly this, however it’s not as easy as you think. First I jumped into Photoshop to overlay the house plan onto the estate plan from their website.

As our builder had provided an accurate graphic of the house position this…

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