Beware This Scam – Protect Your Email Accounts (Video)

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So much for the ‘security’ of “two-factor authentication”…

This Simple Trick Requires Only Your Phone Number to Hack your Email Account

We all have been receiving spam phone calls and messages on almost daily basis from scammers who want to pilfer your money and personal information, but a new type of social engineering hack that makes use of just your mobile number to trick you is a little scarier. Security firm Symantec is warning people about a new password recovery scam that tricks users into handing over their webmail …Read more..

Or.. watch this video: Cybercriminals Phishing for Email Accounts using SMS

It’s been a while, so I’ll say it yet again; you simply have to on guard ALWAYS.. using a healthy “paranoid common sense”. Because they ARE out to get you. (Well-funded expert armies of them.)

More Good News: I keep getting calls from The Windows…

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