Click-Fraud Attack Morphs into Ransomware Risk in a Couple of Hours

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By Ionut Ilascu    26 Jun 2015, 12:50 GMT

CryptoWall infection does not halt click-fraud activity

Threats considered a non-priority by security experts can quickly transform into a serious reason of concern, as they can represent the starting point of a more elaborate cybercriminal assault, researchers have found.

This tactic was observed when click-fraud malware, considered a low-level threat, escalated to a ransomware risk with CryptoWall file encrypting tool.
Rerdom Trojan delivered to victim’s computer

Security researchers at Damballa noticed the chain of events while investigating on a customer’s network an incident caused by a threat actor they call RuthlessTreeMafia, who initially ran an operation to defraud…

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