Slack – A productivity tool full of awesome.

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If you’re like me, you do a lot of communicating with your team. A LOT. (And if you’re not, let’s talk about that, shall we?)

Email isn’t perfect, but I do like that it provides a searchable record of communication. Especially if you use smart subject lines.

I tend to shy away from texting my team (especially my Hall Directors) with work related stuff because I feel like their jobs can easly morph into a 24/7 gig without some pretty smart boundary setting.

And we have started using Google Drive a lot for sharing important files.

If this sounds similar to your work culture – then I have a nifty tool for you: Slack.

You can read more of the details on the official Slack site, but my short description is “Email meets instant messaging meets Google Drive. All in one place. Full of awesomeness”.

The Concordia Res Life Spro Staff Slack Account. We heart emojis. The Concordia Res…

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