Robot Reviews: Robots in Writing And Publishing

Niccolls AND Dimes

Robot-woman-office How many writers will be left? – All rights:

The world is about to go through a period of unprecedented change and great disruption. “Macro-disrupters” are churning through the workforce, but have not yet reached a “Tipping Point” (to borrow from Malcolm Gladwell), where we “the big change” becomes visible. A virtuous cycle of better health and education, followed by higher income and smaller families, is erasing many of the differences in the standard of living around the world. This virtuous cycle leads to an end of global population growth by 2050, when the world’s population peaks at 11.5 billion. The population as a whole will no longer grow, but every year more of that population will be over 65 years old, leading to a cascade of disruptive changes to the work force, the economy and world culture.

Now, a new generation of intelligent “learning” robots are rolling off the…

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