Huawei is the biggest contributor to 5G development


Technology waits for no one – as 4G is still in its early stages in many areas, Huawei is making dents to the universe with its 5G research and development. 5G has a certain standard, in this case is to have a 10Gbps throughput with 1 milisecond latency and 100 billion connections.

Huawei is able to win the first 5G award ever in the industry.

image005 Chaobin Yang, CMO of Wireless Product Line, accepted the award on behalf of Huawei

Huawei is a big player in the world of wireless telecommunication was they innovated and proposed many new methods to tackle the 5G standards, as they laid to the foundational waveform of F-OFDM, SCMA, and Polar Code – which are very advanced in the engineering field.

I guess we can experience 5G LTE soon enough?

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