The Importance of Security!


I am always questioned as to why I carry a BlackBerry. The second most common question I hear from people is: “Isn’t BlackBerry dead?” As soon as I hear that, I take it upon myself to counter BlackBerry’s false identity as a failing company. I don’t do it because I am a die hard BlackBerry fan, neither do I defend BlackBerry due to my interest in the company as an investor. I do it mostly to squeeze ignorance out of people and enlighten them with BlackBerry’s true identity as a company. This post is not about BlackBerry’s true identity as a company but about the importance of security in today’s world. I will be making another post about how BlackBerry plays a role in providing a secure environment in today’s world. Hence, “BlackBerry is Security …” but, why is security important?


Security and Privacy

I always reply to the…

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