How to effectively make use of your development team!

Apprentice Developer

Backlog – A backlog is a list of things that people want to be done to the product, in priority order.

Estimate the product backlog – Estimate the product backlog in points, not time. You should use a points system such as Fibonacci numbers… Estimate bug fixes or new features on a scale of 1 – 21 for example.

Sprint Planning (Requirements) – This meeting will be attended by the whole team, including the Business Analysts and testers. Talk about the requirements that people want so that the entire team fully understand.

Sprint Planning (Tasks) – Break the requirements into tasks and estimate the how many points these individual tasks are worth.

Collaborative Workspace – Whiteboards everywhere! Plans, Key Dates, Design Discussions, etc. Have a place for collaboration, manage whiteboards by using sticky notes (reference numbers on them, description and the person who’s working on that particular issue).

Daily Standup…

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