What is Alienspy?

Alienspy is a malware that was discovered in April 2015. It has cross platform functionalities and adapts to Windows, Mac, Linux and Android mobile OS through different plug-ins. It is classified as a Remote Access Trojan (RAT). It is capable of collecting user information like : IP addresses, operating system versions, memory RAM information, Java version and computer name. It also uses the compromised devices’ webcams and microphones without the knowledge of user, does keylogging and robs the browser password. To add to this, Alienspy is capable of disabling AV and other security tools. The Alienspy RAT also works to evade detection by using transport layer security (TLS) to secure its command-and-control communications. Alienspy is the latest in the family of RATs, after ADwind, Frutas and Unrecom.

How is Alienspy Distributed?

Alienspy is usually downloaded from links or attached folders of malicious email attachments.

However, it can…

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