What is CrimeWatch?

CrimeWatch is classified as a PUP (potentially unwanted program) that is usually installed in the user PC via bundling. It displays advertisement banners and sponsored links in your browser. It is impartial towards browsers and displays the ad be it Chrome, IE, Firefox or Safari. It displays an array of endless pop ads about deals and offers and irritably interferes with the user experience.

CrWc (1)

These aids are aimed at promoting similar or additional PUP or malicious content that generate revenue for the attackers from CrimeWatch by pay per click.

CrWc (2)

How is CrimeWatch Distributed?

CrimeWatch is offered as optional software for automatic installation. Users can opt-out of installation of this application by unchecking various boxes, however, this step is often missed and CrimeWatch is then installed inadvertently. Choosing custom installation may exempt your system from being infected via bundling. It can enter your system in the below ways:

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