Ten Must Have Free Android Applications.

Yumna Mahmood

In Present day, Applications are the new essentials, whether you have to catch a glimpse of weather update or you have to interact with people, applications are quite necessary, Being a Phone-a-Holic, I love to try new applications every now and then, I have experimented with bazillions of applications, but If I don’t find them worthy, I uninstall most them after using for couple of days, yet few of them have stayed with me since forever and I can’t imagine to uninstall them. If you are a smartphone user, I know you must have these applications already installed in your smartphone, but if not, why not to give them a try, They are all free of cost 🙂 with millions of downloads and 4+/5 ratings.

1. Avast/ 360 Security: Antiviruses are not only crucial for your laptops, but they are also quite necessary for your 360 Security logo (PRNewsFoto/360 Security Group)devices, they helps you to…

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