What is the best antivirus to use ???

BHM Coder

424560-best-antivirus-for-2014In this article, i will talk about antivirus and things that related to it. A lot of people are wondering and asking about the best antivirus to use because there are so many antivirus product. And also a lot of people don’t have understanding about how it works so it’s kind of confusing. Every antivirus sales and advertisement says that their product is the best and they never tell the customers the product weaknesses. So, which one is exactly should i use to protect my system from malware???

Well, it doesn’t really matter what antivirus you’re using. It’s not about using the best antivirus, it’s how you take care of it and your system. Some antivirus have different way of protecting systems, but they all have one thing in common. All the antivirus only can protect you from threats and malware that they know or recognize. Every malware have a…

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