Benefits of integrating Web Application Firewall onto systems


Web Application Firewall is a category of firewall which has the authority to regulate the flow of input and output of data packets to and from a system or application. It examines the input and detects whether it contains harmful data. In that case, Web Application Firewall blocks it out completely and disables its activities, preventing its execution. Responses to threats may vary as it is dependent on user configurations. Web Application Firewalls are designed in such a way to ensure that it provides protection from the OSI Layer to the application layer.

Web Application Firewall has the ability for selective processing of applications as well multiple processing. Not only that, it also has the ability to regulate network traffic of a specific application without using any additional software. They are further divided into two subcategories: host application firewalls and network application firewalls.

Web Application Firewall works as a plug…

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