Content filtering firewall (Hardwaresetup and considerations)


To start the project we need a few things to consider.
I am connected to a decent internet connection with 50MBit at home, thus I wanted to be able to filter all in- and outgoing traffic through the firewall. For cost reasons I started with a raspberry pi model b which is now available as a b+ variant. It still has very limited CPU power, but network routing usually is not so CPU intensive task, so I should be fine.

As the raspberry comes with only one LAN (eth0 in openwrt) interface I wanted to add another LAN interface to have something like this setup:


For the LAN0 I was looking for a 100Mbit USB-LAN adaptor because my raspberry came with 2 additional USB 2.0 ports. As there are a lot different vendors for this type of adaptors I wanted one that…

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