Do you want the application to accept incoming network connections?


Ever get this box every time you turn on your mac?
Apparently this is due to how the OS X firewall interacts with codesigning applications.

If you click Allow for an unsigned application, the firewall signs the app for you there and then, (so nefarious people can’t then just swap out the application you gave permission for). However, since Mavericks, if the app bundle contains unsigned or incorrectly signed frameworks, the firewall’s codesign fails, and the firewall falls back to prompting you on every boot.

Older apps containing frameworks with incorrect signing (or using an old codesign format) may start show this firewall problem.

The solution is to wait for an app update to fix the codesigning.
Or if you’re impatient, or the app isn’t receiving updates anymore, you can just sign the bundles yourself:

In my example, the app itself was not signed, but one of the frameworks inside was…

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