Releasing adventure mapping software

Green Elk Blog

At Green Elk, we’re dedicated to finding suitable co-elks for you. A co-elk is somebody you go out to explore and enjoy the great outdoors with. We do this to scratch our own itch, because we think outdoors is more fun together.

We also have another itch to scratch: We love to learn from our past adventures!  Where exactly were we? How far did we go? How long did it take?

Answering seemingly trivial questions about past trips not only satisfies our curiosity, but helps us plan our next adventures. What’s a good day-trip distance? When and where should we have lunch? What’s a good speed to keep, given that enjoying life means both exploration and regeneration?

This is why we created, our adventure mapping software. It’s a piece of software to analyse GPS tracks and visualise them. Personally, I have collected GPS tracks on and…

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