Why Samsung would benefit from acquiring Blackberry

Chaitanya Gupta

Samsung loves to launch new phones. They have always stuck to the ” Throw and lets see what sticks” policy. Rumors of a new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus are rife. Imagine creating an entirely new phone just to go from 5.1″ 2560X1440 resolution screen to 5.5″ 2560X1440 resolution screen. Taking into account that the launch of Galaxy Note 5 will surely be in August-September. It just doesn’t seem logical unless the note line is in fact the edge plus from now on ? It sounds far-fetched but with the amount of phones Samsung has released in the past nothing should come as a surprise. There is also the mid-ranged Galaxy E series, A series and so on.

There is no analysis needed for their strategy. The answer is simple. The company is obsessed with capturing niche markets. They would not have spent money to research and develop the A series, or all the…

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