Acer releases XR341CK 34-inch FreeSync untra-wird curved monitor

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Acer just announced the XR341CK, an ultra-wide curved monitor featuring a 34-inch QHD panel with AMD FreeSync™ technology in a zero frame design.

By wrapping around the gamer’s field of view, the curved 21:9 panel draws gamers deeper into the action for a more fully immersive experience. The wide field of view increases the perceived area of peripheral vision compared to a flat display of the same size.

“This killer new monitor makes game play incredibly realistic,” said Charlotte Chen, Acer America product manager. “The ultra-wide curved design, stunning image quality and dynamic audio take the thrill of gaming to a new level.”

Maximum Viewing Area
The sleek 34-inch curved zero frame design lets gamers absorb visuals comfortably without blind spots. It also provides maximum viewing area and is perfect for multi-monitor setups and daisy chaining for an even broader view.

Stunning, Smooth Gameplay
Thanks to an ultra-high QHD (3440×1440@75Hz)…

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