HTC 之 92共識


HTC 宏達電2015年第2季業績一落千丈,6月份的營收比去年同期減少60%,創16個月來最低紀錄。

What a headline。

I don’t care what kind of company HTC is,when it lost 60% of its business from a year ago,it is very difficult to turn the business around。 There simply isn’t enough money to do anything。

Banks won‘t lend you money。Stock market won’t support issuing more shares。What can a company do other than declare bankruptcy?

Would you want to buy a thousand shares?It may be a perfect turn around candidate。

You decide。

Today’s price action:

Close: $73.80 新臺幣 (7/6/2015)

Open:   $73.50 新臺幣

High:    $74.50 新臺幣

Low:   $72.20 新臺幣

Volume:   8,456 張 or 8,456,000 shares。

HTC 宏達電 股票 - 月線 HTC 宏達電 股票 – 月線

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